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What is it?
myinstall busybox (myinstallbb) or msqmbb as it is named for my company's purposes is a multi-purpose small footprint installation assistance utility which assists ghostinstall 1.x in the following tasks:
  • exewrap: A wrapper for running miscelanious apps so the dos box doesn't screw you up in win9x environments
  • msqmfs: My own persional pak file format for storing resources (replaces .res and resource dlls) (msqm_filesystem.pas has routines to extract them (eg. to temp dirs) for use in a program)
  • setinivar: General purpose command line ini file utility (adds keys/values to sections in files using ini format)
  • waitmysql: A program to assist in uninstalling, tries to shut down mysql and waits for it to end before continuing
  • makemycnf: A configuration file verification/correction utility for mysql installation using ghost installer How do i get it? so far, only by cvs. If people actually want this, then i will go to the trouble of packaging it. see the cvs repository